Medical Pedicures for London Marathon Runners

Get your feet ready for the London Marathon

If Sunday 23rd April 2017 is firmly fixed in your diary, you will be well underway with your marathon training. Your feet will have covered many miles already, and the biggest challenge is still to come. We would like to help you cross the finish line with pain-free feet, so we have some top tips we’d like to share with you.


The final countdown…

Now is a good time to visit our podiatrists for a medical pedicure .

With our expert knowledge we will treat your feet, help with any blisters or abrasions you’ve suffered during your training and offer advice and practical solutions to look after your feet on the day. We will also guide you through the different options for aftercare, explaining the most suitable products for your feet – your feet will thank you for being prepared once the race is over!


The big day…

Simple steps can ensure a more comfortable run. With members of our team having run the marathon before, we can speak from experience. Double layered socks are a must! Choose socks without thick seams and make sure there are no creases in your socks before you put on your trainers. A simple piece of advice, but we have seen many damaged toe nails and painful toe blisters due to excess pressure from ill-fitting socks. It’s also advisable to use a muscle gel to help warm up your legs and prevent cramping during the run.


Post marathon…

Now’s the time to treat your feet to some much-deserved TLC. Our Luxury Spa Pedicure will soothe aches and pains and address any blisters or tender toe nails.

If your toe nails have really suffered, you may even lose the nail. Toe nails take a long time to grow back, and with summer around the corner, you will want feet that are flip-flop ready. Fortunately we have a treatment to rebuild injured or damaged nails – LCN Wilde-Pedique Toenail Correction. The specialist gel used in this treatment creates a ‘new’ toe nail, while allowing the natural nail to grow normally underneath.


Finally, we would like to wish you lots of luck and hope you enjoy the run!