Healthy Hands

9 tips for healthy youthful hands and nails

Do your hands give your age away?

Our hands, exposed to the elements on a daily basis, can soon suffer from premature ageing, so to avoid wrinkles, dry chapped skin and brittle nails follow this advice from Natalia, Head of Training at The Hand & Foot Spa London.


Natalia’s top tips for healthy hands and nails:

1. Hydration for healthy skin

Hydration is essential, not just for general health but to keep the skin on your hands supple, soft and youthful. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet including plenty of nutrients, for radiant skin and strong nails.


2. Protect hands with gloves

Prevent dryness, tightness and cracked skin by always wearing gloves in cold weather.

Gloves are a must when working with your hands to protect them from harsh chemicals, dirt, detergents and anything that could scratch, dry or puncture your skin. Protection from infection is very important.


3. Slather on the hand cream

Hand cream

Keep your favourite hand cream next to the sink, on your desk and in your handbag – get in the routine of applying it throughout the day, and especially after you wash your hands.

Massage it into your nails and cuticles to keep them hydrated. Our Rose Hand Cream and Lemon and Eucalyptus Cuticle Oil deeply nourish and repair dry, damaged skin and cuticles, keeping hands and nails strong and healthy. Plus the natural-based, organic ingredients smell divine!


4. Smoking ages

Smoking ages skin quickly and also leaves unsightly stubborn stains on fingers and nails.


5. Avoid hot water

Wash hands with warm rather than hot water as extreme temperatures can strip the healthy oils from them.


6. SPF for youthful hands

Sunscreen isn’t just for your face; your hands need sun protection too. Even minimal exposure over time can lead to skin cancer, age spots and wrinkles so opt for a hand cream which contains SPF.

Wear it every day, even on small errands such as driving to the supermarket, walking the dog or shopping. And remember to reapply after washing your hands.


7. Sweet dreams

Apply your favourite hand cream just before bedtime and sleep wearing cotton gloves. You’ll wake up to softer, smoother hands and cuticles. Keep your hand cream next to the bed so you never forget.


8. Hand care on the move

Invest in travel-sized products and pop them everywhere – on your desk, in your handbag and gym bag, in the kitchen and even in the cup holder in your car.

Natalie’s favourite: “I love the Spa’s Cuticle Pen. It works wonders keeping my cuticles soft and smooth and is so convenient when you’re on the go all day.”


9. Remedial treatment for hands

Is the skin on your hands sun damaged? Invest in a cream containing retinol or alpha hydroxyl acids as these exfoliate dead skin and minimise the appearance of sun spots and skin ageing by revealing younger skin cells beneath.


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