Hand & Foot Spa Treatments for Men


Gentlemen, treat your feet and hands to some TLC with our range of manicures and pedicures for men, specifically designed to revive, rejuvenate and enhance.


Men’s hand treatments and manicures

Present a more professional image with well-manicured nails, and hands that are a pleasure to shake – thanks to our men’s manicures.

Men’s foot treatments & pedicures

Give your over-worked feet a break from hard City streets and long hours in boots or sweaty trainers. Our specialist Spa offers a wide range of foot treatments. From reviving pedicures to no-nonsense professional podiatry treatments for common foot ailments such as athlete’s foot, corns, and in-growing toenails.

Men’s Maintenance Manicure (30 mins) £32

For immaculate hands that make a good impression, this classic male manicure delivers complete hand, nail and cuticle maintenance.

Rough hands are smoothed with a sea salt exfoliation, hands and lower arms are re-energised with a tension-relieving massage, and nails are buffed to remove ridges and imperfections.

Your hands and nails look smart, clean and professional.

Men’s Executive Manicure (45 mins) £53

Our Maintenance Manicure and much more.

All the benefits of our Men’s Maintenance Manicure plus our signature deep-conditioning treatment for guys using an intensive replenishing moisturiser and heated gloves.

The warmth helps to improve circulation and aid the absorption of the moisturiser.

The results are outstanding and long-lasting.

Men’s Maintenance Pedicure (40 mins) £47

A must-have treatment for neat and healthy male feet.

Toe-nails are tidied, cuticles are treated and hard skin removed with sea salt and oil exfoliation and the use of a standard foot file.

Your nails are buffed to remove ridges, aching feet are massaged and moisturiser is applied to smooth and condition.

Men’s Executive Pedicure (60 mins) £63

Put a spring back in your step. With our signature male foot treatment, you will enjoy all the benefits of our Maintenance Pedicure, with the addition of a deep conditioning treatment.

Tired feet are massaged with an intensive moisturiser and then popped in heated boots

The gentle relaxing warmth of the boots encourages the deep penetration of the moisturiser into your feet and helps to improve circulation.

Post treatment, feet feel nourished and incredibly smooth.

Sports Pedicure (75 mins) £82

This is the essential treatment for active sporty feet.

A professionally tailored pedicure for men brings relief to hard-working feet. In this medical pedicure, common foot complaints are treated, including in-grown toenails, corns, calluses, fungal infections and cracked, dry heels.

It is a truly bespoke podiatry treatment delivering immediate results.

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