Manicures, Nail & Hand Treatments


File and Polish (15 mins) £21

Our quick fix for nails. A classic nail file, shape and polish of your choice. And you’re ready to go.

Signature Spa Manicure (50 mins) £48

Our comprehensive maintenance manicure. Includes nail file and shape, cuticle treatment, sea salt and oil exfoliation, relaxing hand and lower arm massage, buffing or polish of your choice.

Warming Vanilla Manicure (55 mins) £55

(Available October to March)

Especially designed to give you moisturised salon-beautiful hands in the depths of winter.

Our new Warming Vanilla Manicure starts with a file, shape and cuticle treatment. Next, the polish of your choice. Then we take your manicure to the next level with an exotic sweet sugar & vanilla scrub and blissful vanilla candle massage.

Summer Citrus Manicure (50 mins) £53

(Available April to September)

Our perfect for summer refreshing manicure. Includes nail file and shape, cuticle treatment, sea salt and citrus oils exfoliation, relaxing hand and lower arm massage with citrus butter, buffing or polish of your choice.

Luxury Spa Manicure (60 mins) £66

This multi-sensory treatment combines all the elements of our Signature Spa Manicure with the nourishing and conditioning benefits of the ORB treatment.

Exclusive to the Hand and Foot Spa, the ORB uses warm essential oils and paraffin wax which are brushed over the hands to create a soothing cocoon. The warmth-stimulated pores absorb the essential oils and the silky paraffin wax seals in moisture. The result: incredibly soft and smooth hands. Feeling frazzled? We’ve a tempting selection of mood-enhancing oils to revive and restore.

Our Luxury Spa Manicure includes a nail file and shape, cuticle treatment, sea salt and oil exfoliation and a relaxing hand and lower arm massage. To finish, your nails are buffed or polished with a colour of your choice.

Damask Rose Manicure (60 mins) £67

We already instinctively entwine roses with notions of beauty and love. It seems only fitting then that roses actually do offer beauty-enhancing benefits. This iconic flower specifically does beauty wonders on the skin.

Antioxidants: Rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. This important vitamin can help protect skin cells from damage, such as from staying out in the sun too long.

Anti-inflammatory: While we may think of roses for their iconic deep red color, rose oils can actually help reduce swollen spots or redness on your skin. Its calming properties can also help sooth rosecea and eczema.

Relaxing: When used aromatically, rose calms and soothes the mind.

Moisturizing: The natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin, keeping skin feeling smooth. Rose is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin because the sugars in its petals create a soothing feeling.

The Hand and Foot Spa’s Rose Manicure uses a variety of natural rose-based products to keep your hands feeling smooth and help lock moisture into your skin. The treatment includes a nail file and shape, cuticle treatment, exfoliation and a relaxing hand massage with our moisturizing rose cream . To finish, nails are buffed or polished with a colour of your choice.

Detox Manicure (50 mins) £52

This detoxing treatment stimulates the blood circulation to your nails and improves nail growth.

The nails are buffed with a paste containing Pearl powder, ginseng, rice milk and bees wax. The result is natural nails with an amazing pink lustre that can last for up to two weeks.

We particularly recommend this treatment for Shellac users or for those who like natural nails.

Shellac Manicure (50 mins) £58

Shellac is a hybrid nail polish. Like any quality polish application, the Shellac system features a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat. This breakthrough in resilient colour and high shine enables remains chip-free flawless for up to two weeks and can be soaked off in 15 minutes.

Even better CND Shellac is hypo-allergenic and 3-free, so it’s free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Nails are filed and shaped, and cuticles tidied before the application of your chosen Shellac colour.

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Something extra for hands


Enhance your favourite treatment with a little Something Extra (all nail treatments available as an add-on to any of our manicures)…

Paraffin Wax Treatment (30 minutes) £30

The ultimate hydrating and nourishing treatment for hands, nails and cuticles. After exfoliation and a relaxing massage, your hands are wrapped in warm hydrating paraffin wax containing natural anti-oxidants to combat ageing, leaving skin soft, moisturised and rejuvenated, and nails and cuticles nourished, strong and healthy. Find out more here.

Hand Mask Treatment (10 mins) £10

A customised hand mask formulated especially for you.

Hand Massage (5 mins) £5

Extend your treatment by adding extra massage time.

Cuticle Treatment (20 mins) £15

Shape, tidy and treat overgrown cuticles.

French Polish (10 mins) £10

Add a French Polish finish to any Hand and Foot Spa manicure.

Shellac Removal (15 mins) £15

Gel Removal (30 mins) £30

Shellac Add-On (20 mins) £25

Nail Polish Repair (15 mins) £2 per nail

Nail Repair (15 mins) £8 per nail

Brisa Lite Add-on (20 mins) £20

IBX System for Nails (20 mins) £22

This innovative nail treatment:

  • Creates a protective shield for the nail under gel polish
  • Repairs severe nail damage to set the stage for growth
  • Toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth
  • With multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate

Your natural nail colour and appearance are improved and revitalised.

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